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SEPT, 2022
James Top and more

Bronx Team, Vern RNS, Waste TPa, SAR TMB, Siyahmoon, Funk Doodler



The Matriarch

Ezra Interviews Hiphop legend & Artifacts Emcee El Da Sensei

Artifacts member and Hiphop artist El Da Sensei gives some insight on his history in the Hiphop movement. Graf artist and Emcee, El has been (and still is) representing Hiphop culture for over 30 years. Du Funk Magazine seeks to document Hiphop culture and all its elements (rap, graf, DJing, etc.) Stay tuned, there is much more to come.

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Du-Funk Magazine is a new magazine publication specializing in the Modern Urban Art style of Graffiti (Subway Art) which became a major part of American popular culture during the late 1960's and early 1970's in New York City.  This e-Digital publication will feature interviews of visual artists, Hip-Hop dancers/ musicians, and academicians who embrace and revere the cultural artistic expressions "Subway Artists." 

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