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What’s New With Modern Urban Art

Urban modern art combines the innovative styles of graffiti with the life and energy of urban environments. From the iconic subway cars of the 1970s to some of today’s most talented muralists, modern urban art has become more than just an art style. Today, urban modern art is one of the most prominent art styles around. It influences everything from other forms of urban art to high fashion.

Modern urban art is a complex and multifaceted art style. Tagging, murals, and more all define this art style. Our magazine looks to cover this unique approach to art, its history, and the inspiring stories of the artists who make it.

The start of urban modern art reaches all the way back to the iconic subways cars of 1970s New York. What was treated as vandalism at the time is now recognized for the artistic expression and beauty that it always was. This trajectory from vandalism to art is all a part of the political history of modern urban art. This is a conversation our magazine strives to have.

Urban art is still alive and well. Both street graffiti and other forms of urban art continue to evolve together as part of a unique artistic expression. This art is often deeply engaged in the political truths of our time. Our magazine looks deeply into our art history as well as the artists who create it and the political views they express. Sometimes art can speak louder and more freely than the written word. We want to elevate and share that conversation with you.

Take a look at our magazine for an in-depth discussion of the history, politics, and contemporary trends in urban art.

Urban  Modern Art

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