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Urban  Magazine

Your Art and Politics Urban Magazine

We are a new and groundbreaking urban magazine that looks at modern urban art and politics in hip hop. Hip hop and politics have always been closely linked and urban art has played a central role in the formation of both. Hip hop and urban art have been our voice for generations. If you’re looking to explore the history of these artistic movements, the politics that they express, and where they are today, we are the magazine you’ve been looking for.

Our urban magazine is dedicated to the history that builds our present. Urban art and hip hop have been two of the largest and most influential art movements of our time. This history is the collective voice of generations. Our communities have always turned to art to express themselves and hip hop and urban art have always been at the front of those movements. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about these histories, and where they’ve taken us today, our magazine is what you’ve been looking for.

Art and politics are never easily separated. Nowhere is this more true than hip hop. Rap has been at the center of political discussion for most of our entire lives. Let’s explore this political history together and find out what our music has been trying to communicate over time and through generations.

Check out our politics in hip hop magazine today. We are always looking to publish up and coming voices that go deep into these challenging topics. Reach out to us today for more information.

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